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Brave climber makes it to top of Europe’s Tallest Building: Video

Scaling the tallest buildings in the world may not be most peoples favourite pass time, but for a small group of urban explorers its what they live for.

Bradley Garrett, 31, is part of the group of explorers and recently climbed to the very top of Europe’s soon to be tallest building, The Shard in London.

The building, which is still under construction lacked security according to Garrett, who claimed only one guard would patrol the huge project per night making it easy for he and his group to gain access and climb the building a number of times over the past 12 months.

The first time the group climbed the building was the last day of 2010 to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks over London giving them the ‘best seat in the house’.

Climbing 70 flights of stairs, the group had to use metal and wooden ladders allowing them to reach the current top floor at 76. The group we’nt happy making it to the top floor and wanted to go one further, so climbed a crane that was on top of the building with a red light at its Zenith to warn aircraft.

Garrett, who is from Los Angeles in the U.S., said: ‘When you’re hanging on to the crane and it’s shaking in the wind you do feel nervous.

The Shard will have 95 floors when it is finished next month and will rise to 1,016ft including a gleaming spire. It will house a hotel, restaurant, viewing platform, flats and offices.

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