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Can Google rival Facebook in the Social Network Market?

Google, one of the worlds most valuable companies has just announced they have updated their social network, Google +.

The strategic move comes after Facebook’s overwhelming dominance in the market, with reports claiming Facebook already have over 800million users worldwide and is expected to surpass the 1billion mark soon.

Google have clearly seen how social networks are starting to dominate online traffic and have therefore invested heavily into their own social network, claiming they already have over 170million users.

To their credit, Google acknowledge that there is a lot of work needed to make their social network venture successful and Google’s Vic Gundotra wrote on a blog post, ”It’s still early days and there’s plenty left to do, but we’re more excited than ever to build a seamless social experience.”

The new stand out features in Google + now include trending topics and cover photos, with many experts believing that users can now use Googles features more intuitively.

Time will only tell if Google can rival Facebook’s dominance in the Social network market.

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