Colorado Marijuana club closed down after just one day

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Colorado Marijuana club closed down after just one day


The first recreational pot den to open in Colorado has already closed its doors, after a dispute with its landlord.

The White Horse Inn, in the tiny southern Colorado town of Del Norte, opened Monday as the first business in the state to offer patrons a chance to have a joint with their cup of joe. But owner Paul Lovato said Tuesday morning it was that early open date that caused problems.

Though Lovato had the keys to the building that housed the White Horse Inn on Monday, his lease on the building didn’t start until Tuesday. Lovato said, when his landlord saw the publicity about the club, he canceled the lease before it took effect. Click below for full story - 


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  1. Marguerite Strack says:

    What a shame its closed down… I was planning of vacationing there soon

  2. Angelique says:

    I guess the owner of the pot shop will have to smoke all the left over weed now

  3. Sherron says:

    Is the owner of the shop classed as a drug dealer

  4. Irvor says:

    Have any more pot shops opened up?

  5. Polad says:

    I’m sure you could go to Amsterdam and find some


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