Deaf Man Stabbed After Sign Language Mistaken for Gang Signs

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Deaf Man Stabbed After Sign Language Mistaken for Gang Signs


Police in North Carolina say a deaf man was stabbed several times after his sign language was mistaken for gang signs by another man.

Burlington Police Sgt. Mark Yancey said 45-year-old Terrance Ervin Daniels was using sign language with another deaf man. He said a third person saw them, thought they were flashing gang signs and stabbed Daniels with a kitchen knife. A neighbor saw the victim and called emergency personnel.

Daniels is in stable condition at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill after Wednesday’s incident. Click below for full story -


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  1. David says:

    I hope that they put that idiot away for a long long time.

  2. Claretha Schupp says:

    Thats really sad. Such a tragic story and it says a lot about our ignorant society!

  3. Alise Deshields says:

    I hope the murder can not use this argument as a defence when he stands trial

  4. Antonia Greenough says:

    It probably wont be 1st degree murder. You bet his lawyers will use the misunderstanding as a key defence tool!

  5. Adolfo Pedersen says:

    I hope this ass hole gets the death penalty.

    Even if he mistook the sign as a gang sign did he really have to murder the person!

    This is complete BS!!!!

  6. Evette Figg says:

    Really I cant believe how ignorant some people are

  7. Jesusa Skyles says:

    Death Penalty should await this person!

  8. Twyla Hopwood says:

    Tragic way for someones life to end!

  9. Rheba Slaugh says:



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