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Fake doctor jailed after abusing female patients

A fake British doctor was jailed for eight years after being exposed as a liar and fraud.

Reginald Gill, 77, fooled women into believing they had cancer and had to audacity to tell one patient her condition could be cured if a man sucked her breasts for 30 minutes a day.

Gill, falsely told female patients they had cancer so he could sexually abuse them.

The bogus doctor and his wife, Leila, 33, ran an alternative medical centre from their bungalow where they abused the women.

During the trial, Jurors heard that the wheelchair bound Gill told his victims he had been an Army doctor but had no qualifications to practice medicine.

He was found guilty of three sexual assaults, six assaults by penetration and two counts of fraud. His young wife was given six months after being convicted of sexual assault and fraud.

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