Fat people more likely to die in car crashes

Fat people more likely to die in car crashes


Research shows fat people are propelled further forward during a collision because of their additional soft tissue which prevents a seat belt from tightening immediately against the pelvis.

Scientists now believe car design may have to change to protect overweight drivers.

Analysis of US collision data found those who were most overweight - in the World Health Organisation obesity category III - were 80% more likely to die in an accident than drivers of a healthy weight. Click below for full story - 


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  1. Delsie Cruzado says:

    Lol America’s a nation of fat ass’s so they will have to change their cars soon

  2. Cherie Ault says:

    Lawyers in the states will start suing car manufactures soon for not designing safe seats for fat people.

    They will probably say they have been discriminated against

  3. Jules Poat says:

    I would have though all their fat would provide them with some extra cushion

  4. Lyla Hamner says:

    Lol every car in america will have to be changed now

  5. Maxima Shedrick says:

    I bet car manufactures in the US wont be happy as it will cost them millions having to make modifications now

  6. Renna Bernstein says:

    OoO, i thought that extra fat padding would help

  7. Nathalie Spahn says:

    Ahhhh, another reason why fat people always cause problems.

    Hate sitting next to a fat person on a plane


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