Google deny killing donkey with maps car in Botswana

Google deny killing donkey with maps car in Botswana


SEARCH giant Google have been forced to deny killing a DONKEY after these disturbing images were discovered on their mapping service.

A Google Street View image of what looks like a seriously injured or even dead animal in Botswana prompted questions about whether the web service harmed the animal.

The images - taken in Botswana - swept around social media sites this morning. Click below for full story - 

The-Sun-Logo IMAGE: GoogleImages

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  1. Mistie Wolford says:

    Well I doubt they would admit to that would they?

  2. Toshiko Markowski says:

    And people care about a dead animal because?

  3. Katelyn Pyron says:

    Why r google wasting their money and going to places like that in the first place?

  4. Gracia Specht says:

    Who was sad enough to go on that street view in the first place? Wierdoooo

  5. Ernie Canto says:

    People really need to get a life if they are sending pictures of a dead donkey to each other on social media websites!

  6. Tiner says:

    Omg the world has to come to a standstill because google is alleged to have killed a donkey?

    Who gives a fu*k

  7. Deidra Knaus says:

    I wonder if one of their rival companies came up with this story?

  8. Dianna Epps says:

    I feel sorry for that poor donkey


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