Photographer run-over and killed while trying to take picture of Justin Bieber’s Ferrari

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Photographer run-over and killed while trying to take picture of Justin Bieber’s Ferrari


A paparazzo attempting to shoot photos of Justin Bieber’s Ferrari was hit by another car and killed this evening — although Bieber was NOT behind the wheel of the Ferrari … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Bieber’s white Ferrari was pulled over by California Highway Patrol for speeding on the 405 … near the Getty Center in LA.   The CHP directed the driver to pull off the freeway, onto Sepulveda Blvd.

According to our sources, Bieber was DEFINITELY not driving at the time. Click below for full story - 

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  1. Pansy Nau says:

    Not sure if I even feel sorry for the guy

  2. Isadora N says:

    The paparazzi never change the way they act, even after this. They don’t care about themselves or anyone else, all they care about is getting a hot snap that they can sell for 1000s

  3. Nga Sunderland says:

    Even after the death of princess di, the paparazzi still haven’t learned or change their ways.

    They still go out and hound celebrities without any regard for anyones safety.

  4. Sterling says:

    Im glad the Bieb’s Ferrari was unharmed… what an awesome car

  5. Jarrod says:

    Some of these comments are un-necessary, no one deserves to die like this.

  6. Ali Earnhardt says:

    The Paparazzi should take this tragic accident as a wake up call.

    Is it really worth losing your life over the sake of a photograph.

  7. William Aybar says:

    Celebrities love the paparazzi, they love being made to feel important and having their pictures in the papers everyday. It increases their profile which increases their bank balance.

  8. Elmo Halligan says:

    What model of Ferrari is that. Its looks amazing


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