Rugby star Jason Tovey misses big game after dog ate his passport

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Rugby star Jason Tovey misses big game after dog ate his passport


Rugby star Jason Tovey will miss a match in France today after his Labrador puppy Buster ate his passport, leaving him grrr-ounded.

The Cardiff Blues outside half was due to face Toulon in the Heineken Cup.

But when he was packed and ready to go, he found his chewed-up passport on the bedroom floor.

Yesterday, Jason, 23, put pictures of the remains of the passport – complete with teeth marks – on Twitter. Click below for full story - 


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  1. Whitney Buechner says:


  2. Shu Roberie says:

    His coach must have been so pissed at him

  3. Parker Piggott says:

    This player should get tradded now

  4. Mabel Jacko says:

    Why was he stupid enough to let his dog eat his passport

  5. Cora Brignac says:

    Has he had the mutt put down?

  6. Kaila Cendejas says:

    His coach must have benched him for a long time

  7. Venessa Barish says:

    Thats one good way to get some time off work!

  8. Kermit Bowley says:

    His dog loves him that much he ate his passport because he didnt want him to go

  9. Kermit Bowley says:

    Geez thats gotta suck

  10. Amparo Beckford says:

    He probably gave it to his dog to eat on purpose because he didnt want to play

  11. Jerrold Berenbaum says:

    When the coach returns he is going to make him run so many laps

  12. Casimira Hardiman says:

    Mans thats gotta suck


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