South Korean internet addicts offered horse therapy to cure their web cravings

South Korean internet addicts offered horse therapy to cure their web cravings


Internet addicts in South Korea are being encouraged to conquer their web cravings - by undergoing horse-riding therapy.

Official statistics suggest 680,000 children in the country aged between 10 and 19 are addicted to surfing the net, while almost two-thirds of the population own a smartphone.

The Government has enjoyed limited success from the so-called ‘Shutdown Law’ it introduced last year, which blocks online gamers under 16 from playing between midnight and 6am.

But some teens are now being sent to a therapy organisation that uses horse-riding to cure emotional and behavioural disorders - which it says are the cause of internet addiction. Click below for full story - 


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  1. Azzie Neidhardt says:

    Good luck to the Koreans if they think this will work

  2. Lisandra Asquith says:

    Souther Korea obviously has way too much money to burn if they think this is going to work

  3. Emery Krake says:

    Im not surprised there has bee limited success!

    What a stupid idea.

  4. lement Slicker says:

    If they think kids are addicted to the internet then why not slow down their connections so they get sick of using it

  5. Nickolas Pozzuoli says:

    Another classic example of stupid politicians making bad decisions and being delusional!
    This will never ever work.

  6. Scot Lundborg says:

    If a teenager has the chance of watching porn online or riding a horse I think he will choose watch porn online!

    How can you be addicted to the internet?


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