Teen Caught Drunk Driving After Bragging on facebook

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Teen Caught Drunk Driving After Bragging on facebook


For most people, Facebook is a place to share your thoughts, boast about your accomplishments and show off pictures of you, your friends and your family.

But for one Astoria man, it was also a place to share his crime – a crime he had yet to be caught for, until now.

“Drivin drunk … classsic but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. ”

That is what Jacob Cox-Brown, 18, of Astoria, posted on Facebook. That post was soon sent to Astoria Police Officer Nicole Riley by one of Cox-Brown’s friends. Another friend soon called in the same thing to Sgt. Brian Aydt. Click below for full story - 

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  1. Winford Russo says:

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot

  2. Drew Nau says:

    Hey based on his facebook he probably should have ended it with:

    Jacob Cox-Brown = dumb ass

  3. Kristopher Henton says:

    He could be forgiven for driving drunk if it was an isolated occasion, but the fact he bragged about it on facebook shows he must have done it before and wanted to show off to his friends.

    Now his stupid behaviour has resulted in him having to live the rest of his life with a criminal record!

  4. Marc Beachy says:

    Maybe next time he should tweet his fuck ups as well

  5. Earnest Timms 123 says:

    No sympathy for this guy. Thinking its ok to DUI and then boast about it on facebook is unforgiveable.

    He could have killed someone or himself. Clearly his post shows he has no remorse!

  6. Gilda Espitia says:

    Im sure he wouldnt have posted anything on facebook if he had killed someone during his drunken drive

  7. Olinda Drexler says:

    Everyone makes mistakes when they are young, give this guy a break.


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