The Queen advertises for Royal ‘washer-up’

The Queen advertises for Royal ‘washer-up’


The Queen is advertising for a employee who must be willing to travel for up to three months of the year around her palaces - including Balmoral - to do the dishes.

The successful applicant will be based at Buckingham Palace but must be prepared to travel to Windsor, Sandringham, Balmoral and the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh when the household moves around.

Travel to the various Royal residences has been made a “mandatory requirement” for the £14,200-a-year job. Click below for full story - 

telegraph-logo IMAGE: Reuters - via The Telegraph 

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  1. Everett Hansford says:

    Why does she need to advertise for someone to do this?

  2. Danita Sarver says:

    So lazy she can’t even wash her own dishes

  3. Mercedes Amburn says:

    over 14000 pounds to clean her dishes - damn how dirty is she making them?

  4. Linn Chennault says:

    Would be cheaper to just buy new plates after each use, rather then pay someone over 20000 dollars!

  5. Kari Coverdale says:

    I would have thought that someone from her security service would have done this job. What if a rogue person got the job and spiked her meals

  6. Laverne Lumpkin says:

    Maybe this is why the world needs so many austerity measures because kings and queens across the world are pissing all our money away

  7. Tessie Klump says:

    Who would you put down as one of your credible references? The Prince of Monaco?

  8. Britni Galipeau says:

    Such a waste of money - cant she do it herself

  9. Kristle Gowin says:

    Can’t her chef or butler wash her dishes

  10. Delila Sena says:

    Some people just have way to much money

  11. Katheleen Triggs says:

    This job advert should have been kept quiet by the royals.

    It makes them completely out of touch with the country.

    As we are all facing financial difficulty they go out and state they need someone to wash their dishes and get us to pay for it?

    HashTag - Get REAL

  12. Krysten Truluck says:

    How do I apply for the job?

  13. Daina Halligan says:

    I wish I had 14000 to piss away

  14. Cordell Gauntt says:

    She’s really in touch with the pain her people are suffering right now isn’t she.

  15. Corie Hasler says:

    Just eat of plastic disposable plates - that will save the tax payer a lot of money


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