Twitter say 250,000 accounts hacked in security breach

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Twitter say 250,000 accounts hacked in security breach


Around 250,000 Twitter users may have had their accounts compromised by computer hackers.

The social networking site said usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords may have been taken during an “extremely sophisticated” attack on its systems.

It said one attack was shut down moments after it was detected, adding that the passwords of users who may have been affected had been reset.

In a blog, Bob Lord, director of information security at Twitter, said there had been “a recent uptick in large-scale security attacks aimed at US technology and media companies”, with the New York Times among those targeted. Click below for full story - 


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  1. Delphia Yarrington says:

    Great they recommend that we have different user names and passwords for all our accounts!

    And just how are we supposed to remember all these passwords, along with all the other numbers we have to remember for our banks!

  2. Hai Ricardo says:

    Funny how when these large companies get hacked they always say others have been hacked!

    As if to say its ok they have been hacked, because they are just as useless as others!

  3. Walton Sweitzer says:

    Twitter has handled this really badly!

    How do I know if my account has been hacked? Would they have reset my password and then I only know when I type in the wrong password?

    More communication please!!!!!

  4. Joline Proffitt says:

    Wow, reassuring to know other big companies have also been hacked.

    Do twitter think this defends their poor security and makes it acceptable? I think NOT!

  5. Wilfred Treese says:

    Really whats the worst thing that can happen now? SO what your twitter password has been hacked? No one is going to die and im sure u will gradually be able to get over it!

  6. Jannet Kinloch says:

    250 000 out of over 100million is not to o bad!

  7. Deloris Fergerson says:

    It would have been a lot more bad if the hackers got hold of personal details and if twitter stored financial information

  8. Tianna Galati says:

    Facebook must be loving hearing about this!

  9. Dena Pressman says:

    How do i know if i have been hacked?

  10. Johanna Needleman says:

    DENA - By checking no one has tweeted naked pictures of yourself

  11. Dena Pressman says:

    Thats not very helpful! Or funny


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