VIDEO: ‘Invisible driver’ pranks Drive-Thru workers

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VIDEO: ‘Invisible driver’ pranks Drive-Thru workers


Imagine working at a drive-thru window and seeing a car pull up with no driver. You’d be freaked out, no? The “Magician Prankster” created a driver’s seat costume that when put in a car, made it look like no one was behind the steering wheel. It’s pretty genius — and pretty hilarious to watch the responses when he rolls up. Click below for full story - 


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  1. Sterling Iannelli says:


  2. Shirl Wesloh says:

    Dude that was so funny, would have scared the crap out of me if I was working at the drive through

  3. Ernie Vitanza says:

    Could have been more funny if he started screaming and making ghost noises

  4. Chuck Aminov says:

    He prob didnt make ghost noises in case it scared them and they threw the food into the car and it ruined his suit

  5. Grover Schubbe says:

    Same old dumb ass drive thru workers

  6. Elina Demory says:

    The girl that kept sliding the window open and closed was so funny. Its like she thought it was a dream

  7. Robbie Kothakota says:

    He should have ordered even more food to piss them off

  8. Leonardo Onishi says:

    Lucky they didnt throw the food into the car and make a mess

  9. Bernardine Spanier says:

    That video is gonna go viral

  10. Russel Auck says:

    That would honestly have scared the shit out of me if I was there

  11. August Burmester says:

    Really clever prank!


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