VIDEO: Knife wielding man shot with Taser gun outside Buckingham Palace

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VIDEO: Knife wielding man shot with Taser gun outside Buckingham Palace


A man who was stopped by police with a Taser stun gun as he ran towards Buckingham Palace wielding two knives has been charged and will appear in court today.

Talhat Rehman, 54, broke from a crowd of tourists in the middle of the Changing of the Guard ceremony yesterday morning, holding one blade to his chest and another to his throat.

As an officer tried to intervene, he lunged at him waving both knives and was shot with the stun gun before being arrested and taken away in a police van. Click below for full story - 

telegraph-logo IMAGE: YouTube

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  1. Roselee Angell says:

    They should have shot him with a real gun, you cant get this close to a palace with a knife!

  2. Moses Holzman says:

    The police officers handled this situation very well. The man was disabled with his weapon and came to no harm!
    Good job!

  3. Cornell Gaspar says:

    What a lunatic, what was he hoping to achieve by doing something this stupid

  4. Muoi Gullick says:

    The man must have had mental health issues to do something this stupid outside buckingham palace.

    Im glad no members of the public or police were hurt by this!

  5. Nery Moline says:

    Must have been very scary for the members of the public that saw this crazy man with a knife!

  6. Daine Mccann says:

    The police officer is very lucky the man didnt fall on his knife or cut his throat when he was tasered


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