VIDEO: Lance Armstrong confesses to Oprah Winfrey that he took drugs

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VIDEO: Lance Armstrong confesses to Oprah Winfrey that he took drugs


Saying his “mythic, perfect story” was “one big lie,” Lance Armstrong admitted that he cheated during most of his famed cycling career and that he bullied people who dared to tell the truth about it.

After denying doping allegations for more than a decade, he also said he used banned drugs or blood transfusions during all seven of his victories in the Tour de France.

“I will spend the rest of my life trying to earn back trust and apologize to people,” Armstrong told talk-show host Oprah Winfrey in an interview that aired Thursday night. Click below for full story - 


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  1. Tyler Carrales says:

    This guy should never call himself an American ever again

  2. Dennis Forde says:

    I hope he pays back all the millions he has stolen from his sponsors over the years because he is a fraud

  3. Avril Snow says:

    This asshole thinks he deserves a second chance and should be allow to race again?

    I think he should shut the hell up and never appear on tv ever again and go live in an isolated jungle

  4. Lurlene Ballantyne says:

    He should get sent to jail for being a fraud!

    All the people that bought his clothes did so because they believed in him, when in face he was a dirty horrible cheat!

  5. Leonie Holmen says:

    The damage he has caused is unrepairable!

    Shame on you lance, so many people believed in you

  6. Alyce Deutsch says:

    He set up a cancer charity based on false hope and values. He is a dispicable human being and no one should give him any sympathy at all.

  7. Leida Lagarde says:

    Lance Armstrong - Live Strong - Just not in America because you have disgraced us!

  8. Latrisha Fleshman says:

    This confession on Opera was almost just as bad as Tiger Woods coming clean about all his dirty hookers!

  9. Tameka Schechter says:

    Nike showed they dont give a fuck about what their sportspeople do.

    Look at Tiger Woods, they still sponsor him!

    Shamefully im sure Lance Armstrong will still have sponsors that will still pay him millions

  10. Darby Canaday says:

    So many good people have lost their lives to cancer.

    Lance Armstrong is a fraud and has let all cancers victims down.

    Knowing he was a cheat and using his cancer to increase his profile and show he was a good person is so wrong.

  11. Helena Kennedy says:

    His children will now grow up knowing their entire childhood was a lie. The house they live in was paid for by a lie. Their family vacations were paid for by a lie!

    Hope he is never allowed to race again.

  12. Anabel Polich says:

    People should never ever talk about lance armstrong again. He has disgraced sport forever and we should all put him in the past and erase him from our memories


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