VIDEO: Live Chickens used as archery targets at Chinese festival because its ‘tradition’

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VIDEO: Live Chickens used as archery targets at Chinese festival because its ‘tradition’


Many visitors to the Jilin Ice and Snow Festival in Yanji, capital of Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture, have been complaining recently about a local custom that they deem “cruel.”

According to ancient tradition for many ethnic Koreans living in China (apparently), live chickens are strung by their feet in front of an ice wall and used as archery targets. While some tourists, claiming they don’t want to disrespect local culture, have looked outright giddy while taking up this sport, a great number of others are calling it what it is: inhumane.

At the one-minute mark in the above video, you get to see what happens when a chicken gets hit with a crossbow arrow: muscles tense, wings splay. Death — we can only hope. We’re told some chickens are hit by multiple arrows and yet stay mercilessly alive. Click below for full story - 


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  1. Cortez Harwell says:

    This isn’t tradition, its just china having no respect for anything

  2. Miki Pavlick says:

    Human rights barely exist in china, so why would they care about animal rights?

  3. Lovetta Pirtle says:

    The sad thing about this article is that the chinese probably dont even think this is a bad thing to do

  4. Karen Rieke says:

    Those guys eat anything, they probably take the chicken home afterwards and eat it

  5. Laurine Trimmer says:

    Animal rights?????????????????

  6. Christia Breit says:

    They may use the arrows as kebab skewers and grill the chicken on them!

  7. Jenell Boettger says:

    I bet all the people that have written comments about this saying it is cruel still eat meat?

  8. Tosha Degner says:

    This is not tradition, its just another barbaric action!


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