Wealthy Indian spends £14,000 on a shirt made of GOLD to impress the ladies

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Wealthy Indian spends £14,000 on a shirt made of GOLD to impress the ladies


It is often said that money can’t buy love.

But trying telling that to a wealthy Indian man who splashed out £14,000 on a solid gold shirt in the hope it will attract female attention.

Money-lender Datta Phuge 32, from Pimpri-Chinchwad, commissioned the shirt which took a team of 15 goldsmiths two weeks to make working 16 hours a day creating and weaving the gold threads. Click below for full story - 


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  1. Tameka Minter says:

    A cheaper way to impress the ladies would be to shave that ridiculous moustache!

  2. Holli Paxton says:

    I dont see how that shirt is impressive

  3. Aron Parm says:

    Shave that tash and get a haircut mate!

  4. Myron Beus says:

    Im not surprised he has trouble getting girls when he looks like that and wastes money on crap

  5. Silvana Dement says:

    He has attracted attention, but the wrong kind because now he looks like an even bigger douchebag

  6. Aretha Lister says:

    Im sure he will continue to be single if he thinks that shirt will bring him some luck with the ladies

  7. Mckinley Wain says:

    Should have spent the money to hire a hooker for a year, at least that way he would actually get laid

  8. Delcie Madison says:

    Mckinley Wain - Im guessing thats what you do then?

  9. Twyla Delia says:

    Thats not a good look.

    He needs a full makeover, his hairstyle is dated, his hair has been dyed too black and his tash needs a trim.

  10. Ross Memmott says:

    dude with a moustache that hairy imagine how hairy his balls must be

  11. Chelsea Romberger says:

    You cant even see his top lip through that moustache

  12. Soledad Lasso says:

    Ice T eat your heart out

  13. Mariam Zamarripa says:

    I don’t think lil wayne would even wear that much bling!

  14. Palmer Espy says:

    Now he’s told the world how much the shirt costs, someone will probably set him up and steal the shirt, smelt the gold and sell it.

  15. Johnny Boltz says:

    Palmer Espy - Not everyone thinks like you and are a crook

  16. Elvina Langlinais says:

    Funny how it looks like he has had a professional photographer take that pic and he still looks bad in it

  17. Jacinta Patel says:

    You guys clearly dont understand Indian culture.

    For indians gold is valued so highly and by this man commissioning a gold shirt it shows how much respect he has for women if that is the reason he has done it for.

  18. Rusty Litte says:

    No wonder he’s single if he thinks he can buy women like this!

    Dumb ass

  19. Winford Russo says:


  20. Olinda Drexler says:

    Such a poor publicity stunt, now the whole world has seen how foolish he is


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