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World holds it’s breath as North Korea begins fuelling long range rocket

North Korea has began to fuel its long range rocket, as the world holds its breath to see if the rocket is launched.

It has been reporeted that the rocket is due to be launched within the next ten days with North Koreans claiming the purpose of the rocket is ti launch an observatory satellite into space.

The United States and its allies allege the rocket is a ballistic missile test and Barack Obama has urged North Korea ‘to have courage to pursue peace’.

Japan has also taken measures to protect her land by deploying Patriot missile batteries around the country, including outside the defence ministry in the countries capital, Tokyo.

This is not the first act of aggression by the North to show their military power, after they have already carried out 2 nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009. Reports from neighbouring South Korea suggest the North could be planning a third nuclear test in the near future.

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