Introducing the $30,000 Mac Book Pro - Covered in 24 carat gold

Introducing the $30,000 Mac Book Pro - Covered in 24 carat gold


For $30,000, you could be the proud owner of a 24-carat gold covered MacBook Pro with an Apple logo that features multi-color diamonds.

Computer Choppers, a company that personalizes high-tech gadgets, also offers the chance to cover your favorite Apple product in white, rose and yellow gold, as well as copper, black and silver chrome.

The company’s founder, Alex Wiley, explained to CNNMoney: ‘We’ll take an iMac, an iPad, a tablet of some sort and we’ll strip it down to bare metal, we’ll engrave or personalize it for a customer and then go ahead and plate that with 24-karat gold.’ Click below for full story - 

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  1. edu 777 says:

    A worthless apple product but i still want one

  2. Katia Castleberry says:

    I would buy one if I had the money

  3. Mercy Hoosier says:

    Pretty pointless but hey, if you have the money why not?

  4. Lavon Kesterson says:

    Imagine spending 30k getting it gold plated and then the software malfunctions and you cant use it any more

  5. Oliva Horst says:

    Im not a fan, its just too much gold

  6. Alaina Thiem says:

    lol anyone know where they store these?

  7. Wenona Paschke says:

    Im guessing this company doesn’t make much money because who on earth would spend this much money?

    Maybe its ok to spend a thousand bucks on plating your iphone, but 30000 on a mac is way to much

  8. Pricilla Laxson says:

    Doesn’t even look good


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