Oregon man buys 50 year old bottle of Scotch Wisky for $27000

Oregon man buys 50 year old bottle of Scotch Wisky for $27000


Lyle Shellenberg is currently only one of 50 people in the world — and six in the United States — to own a special release of Glenfiddich Scotch whiskey. The retired businessman drove to Portland, Oregon to purchase the 50-year-old bottle for a cool $27,000.


“I could have spent money on a sports car or something else,” he told Portland’s news station, KPTV. “I just happened to choose that I like Glenfiddich Scotch and this was interesting to me, it was different.”  Click below for full story - 

Haute-Living-Logo IMAGE: ABC

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  1. Ouida Mogensen says:

    Damn thats one hell of an expensive bottle

  2. Audrea Bullington says:

    $27000 for such a small bottle - I hope it was wort it

  3. Dolly Lopp says:

    Jay z’s spending $150000 on a bottle of bubbly was impressive. This guys just a sad old man if he thinks he’s a high roller by spending $27000 on a bottle of whisky

  4. Sherise Pickerel says:

    I hope he doesn’t spill any when he pours it

  5. Lin Myers says:

    This man reckons he has spent loads on money buying sports cars… has he looked in the mirror? He would look like an ass driving a sports car


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