Woman charged after attacking man with Swedish sausages

Woman charged after attacking man with Swedish sausages


A woman in southern Sweden has been charged for attempted assault after attacking a man with a frying pan full of Swedish sausages.

The woman, who is in her fifties, reportedly threw the frying pan at the man during a heated spat at their home in Borås, southern Sweden.

She even threatened to kill the man, according to Sveriges Radio.

While the flying frying pan didn’t hit the intended target, the man was hit with the force of the pan’s contents - Swedish Falukorv and a good dose of grease. Click below for full story - 

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  1. Laine Breen says:

    lol thats pretty funny

  2. Emmy Ogilvie says:

    Would have been even more funny if one of the sausages flew up his ass hole and got stuck

  3. Leola Brittain says:

    I hope he ate the sausages afterwards

  4. Pamella Lawhorn says:

    Wow the police must have nothing better to do with their time if they like making charges about sausages

  5. Numbers Zetina says:

    In return he should have pulled his sausage out and slapped her around the face with it

  6. Lakeisha Swearingen says:

    Numbers - It was probably too small

  7. Elisabeth Eifert says:

    Lucky his face didnt get burned with all that oil

  8. Erica Atterberry says:

    Imagine what he had to tell him family and friends…

    I got beaten up by some sausages

  9. Serafina Edelman says:

    Such a waste of food.

    Should have taken the sausages out of the pan first and then hit him over the head with the pan… not that i condone violence or anything


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