VIDEO: Dozens of pedestrians fall prey to icy pavement

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VIDEO: Dozens of pedestrians fall prey to icy pavement


Things to do in freezing cold weather conditions:

1. Wrap up warm.

2. Only venture outside when absolutely necessary.

3. Avoid Duke Street, Norwich. Specifically: the part near the bridge.

Because as you can see from the video above - which is rather brilliantly named’Duke Street Hazard’ - Norwich City Council may have traffic cones galore, but it seems to be lacking in grit.  Click below for full story - 

huffington-post-logo IMAGE: YouTube

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  1. Maia Vangorder says:


  2. Annis Godfrey says:

    There must be a lot of sore ass’s after that one!

  3. Alejandrina Bartels says:

    So cruel but so funny

  4. Lorette Halloran says:

    Was slightly concerned that the mums with the buggies would fall over though

  5. Trena Baynes says:

    Did the people recording the video actually set this up?

  6. Bobbye Talarico says:

    If they did then they could get charged for endangering others

  7. Stanley Dhillon says:

    I may have to try setting something up like this myself

  8. Pa Junious says:

    wowzer, thats gotta hurt

  9. Sherlene Cruse says:

    Damn if that happened to me i would not be very happy

  10. Myron Morrisey says:

    They should have put a dollar bill in the frozen ice to see if someone tried to take it

  11. Jessi Standifer says:

    Its always so funny watching someone else fall flat on their ass

  12. Rocio Donley says:

    Frosty the snowman should have been there to help

  13. Shawn Kahler says:

    Hilarious prank, nothing better then watching someone fall onto their ass.

    Hopefully no one broke their tail bone

  14. Marylouise Michaux says:

    Maybe that girl shouldnt have stood there and watch - kinda incriminating herself if someone actually got hurt


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