PHOTOS: Meet Mikel Ruffinelli, the woman with the biggest hips in the world

PHOTOS: Meet Mikel Ruffinelli, the woman with the biggest hips in the world


40 Years Old Mikel Ruffinelli has the Biggest Hips of 8 feet in Circumference in the World.
At 5ft4 and 420 pounds, Ruffinelli consumes 3,000 calories a day to keep her “bootylicious” figure.

She credits her four pregnancies for her unusually large hips.

Ruffinelli began gaining weight at age 22 after the birth of her son Andrew and her hips ballooned with her three subsequent pregnancies.

She is working on a psychology degree, and models for a Big Beautiful Women website to earn extra money. Click below for full story - 

 IMAGES: AsianTown 

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  1. Serafina Edelman says:

    You call that a big beautiful women?

  2. Louis Wetherby says:

    Imagine having to wake up every morning and having to look at her!

  3. Jules Broadwater says:

    At 420 pounds im sure you wouldnt wanna look at her

  4. Donny Lark says:

    She takes up so much space you wouldnt not be able to look at her

  5. Gerardo Grimaldi says:

    She must stink the morning of body odour so bad

    • David says:

      I knew a guy that weighed as much as her. He stunk badly, especially right after a shower for some reason. I guess all those places he couldn’t reach got moist - it must be worse with her. YUCK!

  6. Tuan Taylor says:

    I like girls with big butts and i cannot lie….

  7. Graig Salzer says:

    Funny how they say her weight gain is due to having children….

    Maybe the real reason is because shes a fat pig

  8. Aron Meloy says:

    Dude even if someone paid me a 100grand i wouldnt fuck a chick that fat

  9. Tory Shillings says:

    People this fat are just selfish!

    We wont live for much longer if she continues to eat and weigh this much

  10. Christian Fragale says:

    Baby got back

  11. Wm Tee says:

    Her children must have a very tough life. All the kids at school must be making fun out of how fat she it

  12. Lincoln Mathis says:

    Who was desperate enough to have sex with a elephant this fat?

  13. Donnell Deerman says:

    Don’t they say skinny dudes love fat chicks?


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