Bruce and Kris Jenner latest celebrities to fall prey to SWAT team hoax caller

Bruce and Kris Jenner latest celebrities to fall prey to SWAT team hoax caller


A 15 strong SWAT team were sent to Kris and Bruce Jenner’s California mansion on Friday afternoon; with at least two helicopters hovering up above as back up.

Kim Kardashian, 32, tweeted her panic from the Ivory Coast after being informed of the commotion, which was sparked by a bogus call to the police claiming a shooting had taken place at the Calabasas home.

Her younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie were less dramatic and saw the funny side of it all… as did patriarch Bruce, who posed for an instagram with the police officers. Click below for full story -¬†

Daily-Mail-Logo IMAGE: Instagram 

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  1. Felipa Pfannenstiel says:

    Who really cares if it is true or not.

    I think the whole world is sick to death or hearing about this waste of space family.

  2. Lauri Feggins says:

    Hmm its been about 24 hours since the media had reported about the Kardashians - maybe this could be an alleged PR stunt

  3. Eloise Lance says:

    Just think, all you gotta do to live in a california mansion like that is to fuck ray j and film it?

  4. Ashli Lafler says:

    Im sure its a PR stunt

  5. Carma Musial says:

    Really this just shows the cops are a waste of time.

    All the cops that posed in the picture should get fired - they were getting paid to work and instead were taking pictures

  6. Melanie Studstill says:

    Really so Kim had to tweet about this? How much money did her sponsors may her to tweet? 100k?

  7. Emily Sampley says:

    How long are the bookies thinking this family will be famous for?

  8. Lynette Fancher says:

    Ray J should sue the Kardashians for half their money.

    He was famous and he fucked kim - she then became famous. Without him she and her family would be nobodies

  9. Jenifer Edens says:

    Ahh, poor kim. Her life is so hard!

  10. Darren Rasor says:

    Wow so many swat and police officers showed up?

    Will the Californian authorities confirm this family did not receive special attention.

  11. Libby Barreiro says:

    Look at what fame done to paris hilton and the osbourn kids?

    They all ended up on drugs.

    Lets just hope all this fame and money doesnt fuck up the kylie and kendal

  12. Bridgette Sircy says:

    They will probably end up being fucked up. The family have no same. Becoming famous because one person made a sex tape shows they have no morals!
    Plus the mother is in her 50s and goes out partying and drinking with her tits hanging out - really is that a good example?

  13. Anna Gallo says:

    Biggest publicity whores of all time

  14. Yuette Houk says:

    Im so sick and fucking tired of hearing about the Kardashians!

  15. Shanika Pam says:

    They are more useless then the hogan family


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