PHOTOS: Man takes assault rifle into Utah J.C. Penny store

PHOTOS: Man takes assault rifle into Utah J.C. Penny store


Pictures of a man carrying a rifle inside a big box store in Riverdale are raising a lot of eyebrows. The woman who took them tells KSL the man had no business bringing the gun where he did.

It was supposed to be just a regular trip to the JC Penney. Wednesday night, Cindy Yorgason was in line to return something when she saw a man with some pretty heavy fire power.

“He had the assault rifle over his shoulder,” Yorgason said. “He had a handgun on the right side of his belt along with at least one additional clip.” Click below for full story - 


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  1. Shonda Huerta says:

    America still wonders why it has so much gun crime?

  2. Araceli Bunce says:

    Will piers morgan be commenting on this?

  3. Branden Vanwagenen says:

    I cant see any reason for this man needing to take guns to JC Penny

  4. Emilie Dusseault says:

    Probably some red neck american fuck just trying to prove a point

  5. Gianna Fein says:

    You mean prove that he is an ass hole?

  6. Sung Goldston says:

    No to prove that America is infested with guns and the country doesn’t give a fuck about gun crime

  7. Larissa Campbell says:

    When people do stuff like this is shows the world America will never learn from her past failings.

    Now the whole world has seen how Americans promote guns!

  8. Tonya Campos says:

    In most civilised countries a man with a gun in a shopping mall would be arressted or shot by the police!

    They way it should be

  9. Zulma Pugsley says:

    Is this how America wants the world to see us?

    As a gun riden country where people take rifles to the mall?

    Is this how we are paying our respects to all the children that have died due to maniacs with guns?

  10. Soila Sylvester says:

    Obama must do something now to control guns in America

  11. Iesha Niemeyer says:

    Is it appropiate for young children to go to the mall with their parents and see men talking around with rifles and hand guns?

    Dont you think american kids are going to grow up being messed up if they see this as normal?

    What a joke!

  12. Felipa Pfannenstiel says:

    There is just no excuse or reason to do this!

    Isnt not like he got out of his car and didnt know he had a rifle and hand gun strapped to his body!

    He has done this for attention


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