Subway under fire after famous ‘foot-long’ sandwich is only 11-inches

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Subway under fire after famous ‘foot-long’ sandwich is only 11-inches


What’s in an inch? Apparently, enough missing meat, cheese and tomatoes to cause an uproar.

Subway, the world’s largest fast food chain with 38,000 locations, is facing widespread criticism after a man who appears to be from Australia posted a photo on the company’s Facebook page of one of its footlong sandwiches next to a tape measure that shows the sub is just 11 inches.

More than 100,000 people have “liked” or commented on the photo, which had the caption “Subway pls respond.” Lookalike pictures popped up elsewhere on Facebook. And The New York Post conducted its own investigation that found that four out of seven footlong sandwiches that it measured were shy of the 12 inches that makes a foot. Click below for full story - 

Yahoo-News-Logo IMAGE: Facebook

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  1. Thalia Thibert says:

    Subway wont care one bit about this article - shows how popular their brand are!

  2. Alyssa Driver says:

    Great free publicity for subway - its definitely worked because i havent had a sub in 2months but i think ill get one today

  3. Pinkie Garren says:

    Having a 100000 comments on facebook shows how much people love their product

  4. Mirtha Daggett says:

    What a fucking loser, who gets a measuring tape out to measure the length of a sub

  5. Kourtney Lieberman says:

    He probably didnt get a 6inch because his cock was too small to compare it with

  6. Kristi Fleenor says:

    Did the cheap skate ask for a refund?

  7. Sharan Marshburn says:

    Is he going to set up a whitehouse petition and get obama to look into it?

    If they had 100k comments the whitehouse would have to respond and take action

  8. Vanesa Anderton says:

    OMG its not only the size that is wrong. The bread looks undercooked as well.

    Shit call the bread police now to investigate

  9. Imelda Pettie says:

    Some people just have too much time on their hands

  10. Rosalyn Arnwine says:

    That sub looks like shit as well. Not enough filling inside


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