Sisters that fled the Nazis reunited after 72 years on Facebook

Sisters that fled the Nazis reunited after 72 years on Facebook


Two sisters in Bosnia and Herzegovina separated after fleeing from the Nazis have met each other after 72 years - after both thought the other had either died or emigrated.

In reality the pair, 88-year-old Tanija Delic and 82-year-old Hedija Talic, still lived in the same country 100 miles from one other - and got back in touch thanks to a Facebook search.

The two sisters last saw each other in the summer of 1941 when their family was broken up during the fighting of World War II as the Nazis invaded former Yugoslavia.

The sisters and their one brother were born in the village of Budimlic Japra at Ostra Luka in Bosnia And Herzegovina. Their father Bego Budimlic was a farmer. Click below for full story - 

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  1. Colin Burchfield says:

    Inspiring - never give up hope

  2. Geneva Errico says:

    Great feel good story!

  3. Allison Raff says:

    Hopefully more people can find each other in this way

  4. Reanna Gallardo says:

    They look so happy together

  5. Carie Bowes says:

    I hope they though each other was worth the wait

  6. Karolyn Chalk says:

    Nice that they both look happy

  7. Lieselotte Driskill says:


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