Barack Obama is publicly sworn in for his second term as US president

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Barack Obama is publicly sworn in for his second term as US president


Mr Obama will raise his right hand and place his left on Bibles once owned by Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln and swear the oath of office before mustering for four years threatened by strife at home and abroad.

The 44th US president launched his second term with a private swearing-in ceremony on Sunday, before basking in the full pomp of his office with public celebrations on Monday.

Mr Obama will set the rhetorical tone for the remainder of his presidency with an inaugural address to a crowd expected to reach half a million, will headline a parade and then waltz with the first lady at glittering inaugural balls. Click below for full story - 

telegraph-logo IMAGE: AP

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  1. Mertie Lesniak says:

    More broken promises?

  2. Johanna Conlon says:

    He needs 40 years to sort out Americas problems

  3. Lean Osborne says:

    Politicians are all the same, who ever is president will not change the problems that America is facing

  4. Carroll Marron says:

    How will the next 4 years be any different to the last 4 years

  5. Launa Stec says:

    The global economy will take longer then 4 years to sort itself out. Until it is sorted Obama hasn’t got a hope in hell or achieving what he wants to as president

  6. Rosalie Lorenzen says:

    Who cares? Why do Americans make such a big deal out of things


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