VIDEO: Firemen turn hose on teenagers after being pelted with snowballs

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VIDEO: Firemen turn hose on teenagers after being pelted with snowballs


This group of excitable youngsters need to learn to pick their battles after they started a snowball fight with a group of firefighters and ended up completely soaked.

New footage has emerged online showing a gang during Britain’s latest cold snap causing trouble in what is believed to be Leeds.

The video shows a firefighter standing on a boat about to use a giant hose when a cheeky teenager on a bridge above throws a snowball that hits him on the head. Click below for full story - 

Daily-Mail-Logo IMAGE: YouTube

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  1. Merlin Lute says:

    Pay backs a bitch sometimes

  2. Carl Lucas says:

    Good one him, teach those little brats a lesson

  3. Peter Jones says:

    Not really a fair retaliation. A little snowball vs a firemans hose? Theres only going to be one winner

  4. Jerrold Dematteo says:

    That was one hell of a powerful hose

  5. Lovetta Pirtle says:

    Did the fireman get in trouble for that

  6. Alva Krygier says:

    Imagine if the hose was so powerful it knocked them off their feet and they fell into the river

    The fireman wouldnt have been laughing then

  7. Young Threets says:

    Chill out, its just a harmless bit of fun.

    The fireman clearly wasnt trying to hurt them and was just playing around

  8. xochitl Mahan says:

    That dirty water cant be good if its sprayed all over you.

    What if you get some in your mouth and get sick


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