Cruel mother who beat her son to death for failing to memorize the Koran jailed for life

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Cruel mother who beat her son to death for failing to memorize the Koran jailed for life


A CRUEL mum who beat her son to death for failing to learn parts of the Koran by heart has been jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 17 years.

Sara Ege, 33, was convicted of murder after it was revealed she had burned the body of her seven-year-old boy Yaseen before trying to claim he had died in a house fire.

But a murder trial heard she treated little Yaseen like a “dog” and repeatedly beat him with a stick for failing to memorise religious texts quickly enough. Click below for full story - 



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  1. Refugia Tack says:

    The word mother should not have even been used in this headline. She is not a mother, just a vile human being

  2. Mayme Lester says:

    I hope she gets treated like a dog in prison

  3. Bruce Wilhoite says:

    Based on that picture of her she clearly looks like a dog herself

  4. Damien Reddick says:

    She must have some kind of mental health problems to think she was being a good mum and teaching her son by doing this

  5. Fredda Shows says:

    Is this really what islam teaches people?
    This is disgraceful

  6. Glennis Buskirk says:

    That poor child, his whole life must have been hell. I hope he finally finds peace in his afterlife

  7. Glennis Buskirk says:

    She definitely is no mother. She is a monster.
    Her poor son had no life from the second he was born.
    At least finally he will find peace

  8. Esteban Lappin says:

    Rest in peace x

  9. Sheridan Scipio says:

    I hope she gets beat with more then just a stick when she spends the rest of her life in jail

  10. Marivel Edgemon says:

    Hope he finds peace in his final resting place

  11. Mora Tierney says:

    I hope she gets beaten and humiliated everyday in prison

  12. Noel Prindle says:

    She is no guardian or teacher of islam. She is a witch and should rot in hell for what she has done


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