McDonald’s to change name to ‘Macca’s’ for one month in Australia

McDonald’s to change name to ‘Macca’s’ for one month in Australia


Looking for a McDonald’s in Australia this month? You may bump into a “Macca’s” instead.

The international fast food giant will temporarily change signs at selected stores across the country to “Macca’s,” the affectionate Australian nickname for the chain, in celebration of Australia Day, which falls on January 26 - a move that is its first such globally.

“We’re incredibly proud to embrace our ‘Australian-only’ nickname,” said Mark Lollback, the company’s chief marketing officer in Australia, in a statement on Tuesday. Click below for full story - 




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  1. Javier Courson says:

    What do Aussies celebrate on Australia day? The country was founded by english criminals that we didn’t want.

  2. Oliver Lemos says:

    Fuck off Javier - where are you from? Prob some hilbillie in America.

  3. Libby Madia says:

    Make the name change permanent - every says Macca’s in Australia. Even their adverts say Macca’s.

  4. Richie Drolet says:

    Im loving it

  5. Tesha Bateman says:

    What a waste of money. What will a temporary name change do? Will people think - Heys lets go to McDonalds because the sign at the front door has changed.

  6. Elvie Kabel says:

    Fire the marketing ass hole who came up with this idea - has to be the most stupid and pointless decision ever. Who cares about a temp name change?

  7. Randi Boyster says:

    Hey, this obviously was a good marketing decision as the news story has gone global

  8. Lauralee Calabria says:

    Macca’s is a shortened version for Mc Donalds - WHY?

    What a crap nickname. Has no meaning

  9. Freeman Lander says:

    Weird Aussies - you crack me up. Such a pointless thing to do.

  10. Epifania Hamman says:

    BTW why doesn’t Australia have Burger King?

  11. Ida Palumbo says:

    Because they are dumb ass’s


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