VIDEO: Honest cab driver returns $64,000 passenger left behind

VIDEO: Honest cab driver returns $64,000 passenger left behind


A taxi driver returned 400,000 yuan cash ($64,200 USD) to the passenger who lost it in his cab in Xi’an, in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province on Sunday.

Zhang Long, a local taxi driver in Xi’an found a bag of money left on his backseat Sunday morning.

“A passenger this morning told me there was a bag on my backseat (left by the previous passenger). I asked him to check whether it was something important, and if so I should call the superior. Then we found it was a bag of money, 400,000 yuan,” said Zhang Long.

The driver Zhang and the passenger were both stunned when realizing it was a bag containing hundreds of thousands of RMB in stacks. Click below for full story - 

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  1. Lieselotte Driskill says:

    The Passenger must have been a drug dealer.

    Who else has $64000 in cash?

    Thats the only reason the driver returned it!

  2. Penni Anger says:

    What was the passenger doing with $64000 - maybe he was en route to bribe someone?

  3. Delia Kehr says:

    What a dumb ass, a taxi driver in China maybe earns $5000 a year.

    He should have kept the money.

  4. Dinah Williford says:

    Come on guys, the only reason he returned the money is because he knew the passenger would have hunted him down and killed him if it wasn’t returned!

  5. Kimbery Demas says:

    Guessing the passenger was planning to do something illegal with the cash

  6. Brittny Gieseke says:

    Not much difference between a dumb ass and a good samaratan.

    He should have kept the money and paid of his mortgage.

  7. Ena Mcenaney says:

    $64000 in cash - damn i need to move to china

  8. Bobbi Marlar says:

    If the guy had $64000 in cash before it was lost, I hope the driver got a huge tip!

  9. Tawna Chagnon says:

    I would have kept the money and left the country. By chinese standards thats a hell of a lot of cash and he would have been set for the rest of his life. Could have moved to thailand or somewhere cheap and lived like a king

  10. Wava Rehder says:

    If he kept it he would have been killed by the passenger.

  11. Lashawna Brust says:

    Something smells a bit fishy about this story

  12. Apolonia Alvey says:

    Perhaps the driver knew the passenger was planning on making a sizeable charitable donation which is why he returned it?


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