Why parents shouldn’t be on Facebook

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Why parents shouldn’t be on Facebook


Here’s one reason why the elder generation should stay off Facebook -

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  1. Apolonia Alvey says:

    I would die of shame if that my mum. Imagine if your school friends found out about that picture. You would never live it done

  2. Luigi Hyden says:

    Thats one sexy mama

  3. Jarod Kurt says:

    Reminds me of the akon song - sexy bitch

  4. Miki Petti says:

    Surely before posting a picture like that you would think about your children - especially if they are your facebook friend

  5. Rufina Cimmino says:

    Was she punting for business with that picture?

  6. Annabel Paladino says:

    Glad she aint my mum

  7. Maren Lymon says:

    Looks like she is wearing stripper shoes - however he small tits would prevent her from making money as a stripper

  8. Reatha Rebuck says:

    Anyone know this chicks name so I can add her on Facebook

  9. JONNY Llewellyn says:


  10. Deloris Budniewski says:

    Her children must be so ashamed of her!

  11. Laveta Crews says:

    Her husband/boyfriend is a lucky man. If shes happy to pose like that for a facebook picture imagine how freaky shes get in the bedroom

  12. Vern Terpstra says:

    Glad she’s not my mom because I wanna bang her.

  13. Luz Cevallos says:

    Maybe after this article she will think about her children a bit more

  14. Janna Rutland says:

    I love that akon song - dang girl you a sexy bitch!

  15. Lynwood Sasser says:

    woof woof

  16. 2 Ernesto 2 says:

    Id hit that all night long


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