VIDEO: Mother convinces son he bought Mustang on eBay

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VIDEO: Mother convinces son he bought Mustang on eBay


Every therapist he ever sees is going to ask to see this video- not because it will help but because they need a laugh.

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  1. Sophia Marcantonio says:

    Kinda cruel to trick a kid like that

  2. SRobyn Brabant says:

    That dude needs a new haircut. Looks like he’s got a mushroom growing on his head.

  3. Elwood Korte says:

    Nice snot coming out of his nose, one day he’s going to be so embaressed by this video

  4. Stuart999 says:

    He should have bought his mum a lump of coal for christmas in return

  5. Shanita Tanouye says:

    The next time my kids download an app on the appstore without asking me im going to play a trick like this on them

  6. Liz245 says:

    Good idea Shanita, im going to do the same

  7. Anne Severs says:

    Slightly cruel to play a trick like that over xmas, but still very funny

  8. Kari Manger says:

    What was up with the guy lying on the beanie bag towards the end of the video. Looked like he was dead or something

  9. Miriam Honn says:

    Not the best looking kid in the world is he?

  10. Carlos Habo says:

    I hate it when Americans call their children bub. It makes them sound so dumb


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