Instagram deny losing 25% of user base

Instagram deny losing 25% of user base


instagram-smallYou might’ve read a story today that a quarter of Instagrams millions upon millions of users abruptly stopped using the massively-popular service over Christmas. But there’s good reason to believe this is crap—and Instagram flat out denies it.

The rumor, which has already knocked down Facebook’s stock today, started with a little company named AppData, which makes its money tracking Facebook statistics and turning them into graphs. AppData claims it observed a 25% drop in “daily active users” over a few days this past week, and has correlated that into a gigantic plummeting for the entire service, attributable to its recent terms of service controversy. But “This data is inaccurate,” an Instagram spokesperson told us. “We continue to see strong and steady growth in both registered and active users of Instagram.” Click below for full story - 

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  1. Fran song says:

    It was a good app for a while but I agree the novelty has gone now, which is why people are not using it anymore.

    I did like the integration into twitter though, was a good adaptation

  2. Joline says:

    Facebook have really messed up Instagram. It used to be a cool independent company which is why most people like it. Now they will probably make it all corporate just to make as much money as possible

  3. Kim2104 says:

    I stopped using it months ago. It was just a good short term app and now the novelty has gone.

  4. Spencer says:

    Didn’t Zuckerberg spend 1billion dollars to buy this company?

  5. Jere Knox says:

    Lol he over paid by 999.999 million dollars then

  6. Fabgirl267 says:

    I love Instagram! It’s so easy to use, I can’t see how they have lost 25% of their users


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