Teen sues after being kept inside police van for 15 hours without food or water

Teen sues after being kept inside police van for 15 hours without food or water


A New Jersey teen who was locked inside a police van cage for 15 hours without access to food, water or a bathroom, has sued the Fort Lee Police Department, its chief and 19 police officers.

Adam Kim, who was 17 at the time, was placed in the cage with four other young men, according to a civil complaint filed in U.S. District Court last month. Without a bathroom, the complaint says, the teens had to relieve themselves in front of each other. They also had to huddle together for warmth, as temperatures hovered below freezing and Kim was wearing just a T-shirt.

His lawyer, Nancy E. Lucianna, told the The Record that Kim, now a college freshman, is traumatized by what happened. Nightmares keep him from sleeping soundly and he has sought out therapy and medication to cope with the ordeal. Click below for full story - 


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  1. Alberta Buchwald says:

    Bad cop! No donut for you today!

  2. Kasha Reppert says:

    Now that’s some professional police work

  3. blondeness032 says:

    This was a violation of their rights and showed a gross lack of intelligence and ethical treatment on the part of the officers. The people who were locked up should be able to sue the officers for their negligence as well as the police dept.

    If more officers were forced to pay out when they violated the rights or used excessive force; they just might think before they act the next time. Don’t get me wrong I support the majority of police officers, thye are good men and women who are doing a tough job; but there are a few “rotten apples” who do not belong on the police force, they need to be fired or put on permanent desk duty.

  4. Dorothea Blythe says:

    15 hours with no food or water. They will probably want 10million each for this now.

    So traumatised … most children in africa don’t have food or water for 15hours

  5. Nathanael Bent says:

    You cant compare the US to Africa in this situation.

    Regardless of all the starving children there, what the police done here is wrong.

    The individual police officers should be made to pay compensation out of their own money

  6. Marie Horvath says:

    They were criminals - they should only get food and water once a day!

  7. Tameka Minter says:

    Serves the little brats right!

    Tough love is needed sometimes.

    Hopefully he’s grown up now


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