Analysts say Twitter is worth $11bn and likely to float on the stock market next year

Analysts say Twitter is worth $11bn and likely to float on the stock market next year


Twitter is now worth around $11bn (£6.8bn), and is likely to make its market debut next year, analysts at Greencrest have claimed.

The social network, which allows people to share messages 140-characters long, has long been tipped for an initial public offering, but was thought to have gone cold on the idea after the disastrous market debuts of some of its Silicon Valley peers.

However, Max Wolff at Greencrest said the company had started firming up its management team and was likely to start preparations for the hotly-anticipated IPO towards the end of this year. Click below for full story - 


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  1. Pricilla Laxson says:

    I would have thought it would be worth a lot more. Facebook was like a 100 billion right?

  2. Jannie Saltz says:

    How does twitter make any money? Its just an app on most peoples phones now?
    I dont know of many people who sit down on their computers and compose tweets.

  3. German Wilk says:

    Im sure their valuation will crash and burn just like facebook’s did

  4. Ashanti Arden says:

    This story is just to generate more interest. In 6months the value will be bumped up to 20billion and then by the time the company floats it will be 30Billion!

    Then the price will plummet like Facebook!

  5. Ashanti Arden says:

    11 Billion for an app? Which is what twitter has now become

  6. Jim Charpentier says:

    Once twitter goes public it will become very commercialised. After every tweet their will be a sponsors message.

  7. Hester Teachout says:

    Its harder to think how twitter will make any money compared to facebook?

    Maybe they will have a limit to the amount of free tweets and then start charging if you go over a limit?

  8. Lashon Caso says:

    Gonna crash and burn just like facebook

  9. Jong Glatt says:

    By the time of their floatation there will be another social media power house company coming out

  10. Wendolyn Francois says:

    In 10 years time it will either be worth 1.1 billion or 111 billion


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