Chinese hospital opens ‘sex room’ for couples struggling to conceive

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Chinese hospital opens ‘sex room’ for couples struggling to conceive


With its round bed draped with gauze curtains, pink decor and dim lighting, this room resembles a hotel hideaway frequented by amorous couples.

In fact the suite is located inside a hospital in China, which has opened a dedicated ‘sex room’ in a bid to help would-be parents who are struggling to conceive.

The Wuhan Songziniao Hospital even has porn and saucy outfits available on request for patients making use of the facility, which is decorated with erotic art and equipped with an array of sex toys. Click below for full story - 

Daily-Mail-Logo IMAGES: ImagineChina - via DailyMail 

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  1. Nunfa says:

    The decor looks more like a brothel

  2. Carrie says:

    Really? People would go to a sex house to try and conceive?

  3. Krysta says:

    Waste of time, just a front for a brothel

  4. Pippa j says:

    Next we will probably hear the sex hotel has a sex dungeon

  5. Wendolyn Francois says:

    Lol, who would wanna stay the night there

  6. Domingo Kohls says:

    after paying the 88 dollars, are you offered the chance to pay more for someone else to join you in the room?

  7. Hester Teachout says:

    Next the company will say they cater for all kinds of fetishes and can even arrange threesomes for you …. brothel

  8. Telma Muench says:

    Would you want to stay in a hotel room that the been designed for people to have sex in?

    How dirty would that be!

    Sweat and bodily fluids every… gross

  9. Trisha Taplin says:

    Will just be a meeting place for swingers

  10. Al Batterton says:

    I wouldn’t mind going there just to jerk off onto the bed sheets

  11. Miriam Honn says:

    Such a useless business idea. Who would actually want to stay there.


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