PHOTOS: Chinese ski resort hold bikini contest on snowy mountain

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PHOTOS: Chinese ski resort hold bikini contest on snowy mountain


There was a bikini contest in the open air of Jilin, Jilin province yesterday, organized by Beidahu Ski Resort, featuring 40 Chinese and Russian models in two-piece bikinis, snow boots and skis. The Jilin Tourism Bureau’s deputy party secretary, Meng Liru, said via NetEase that they were promoting the ski resort and Jilin City through bikinis, costumes, and fun. Click below for full story - 

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  1. Emanuel Baumgart says:

    Who ever thought of this idea is a legend!

    Hope they do this every year!

  2. Gary dix says:

    If they ever need another judge for the competition im always available

  3. Hong says:

    I love how much China has progressed over the past 10years. Its great we can now enjoy the beauty of chinese women

  4. Chadwich says:

    Would have thought the cold weather would have produced some more nipple erections!

  5. Chadwich says:

    Love picture one in the slide show of the girl in the pink pinching the other girls ass

  6. Micah 1509 says:

    Every tourism board should do the same thing.

    Maybe playboy should sponsor one of the mountains and have bunnys at play?

  7. Tin Dee says:

    Will the women always be there? I may have to plan a trip there some day soon

  8. Tonisha Upright says:

    Girls look great, surprising the organisers managed to get so many girls to take part!

    Must have been freezing

  9. Jenise M says:

    Hopefully they didn’t get any frost bite downstairs


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