PHOTOS: Eva Longoria suffers ‘nip slip’ wardrobe malfunction on red carpet (NSFW)

PHOTOS: Eva Longoria suffers ‘nip slip’ wardrobe malfunction on red carpet (NSFW)


EVA Longoria was clearly hoping her toned protruding leg would take centre-stage as she posed for snappers.

However, her right boob unwittingly became the main attraction when her dress gaped open.

The wardrobe blunder unfolded when the actress, in the company of her male guest, looked down to lift a heeled foot off her floor-length frock. Click below for full story - 

The-Sun-Logo IMAGE: GETTY - via TheSun

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  1. Odette Spiller says:

    Lets just hope this happens to her all the time

  2. Quintin Rondeau says:

    Im not complaining, i wanna see this all the time

  3. Les Ratledge says:

    Shes kinda small but her face makes up for everything

  4. Dominique Viloria says:

    Ive been waiting a long time for this!

  5. Malik Weckerly says:

    Most girls who dont wear a bra with a dress cover their nipples with tape just in case.

    As this happened on the red carpet she would have planned it!

  6. Aurelio Gettinger says:

    Funny how a photograph happened to be there, ready to take the picture at the prefect angle

  7. Renato Timothy says:

    Her tits are kind of small, she needs to get her breasts surgically enhanced

  8. Romeo Sandin says:

    I doubt she cares, it was great publicity for her

  9. Sandy Cazares says:

    Increasing her profile means she will probably get paid a bit more for her next movie

  10. Wilford Kostka says:

    Anyone know if there are more pictures of this?


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