Bikini Waxing Is Wiping Out Pubic Lice Say Doctors

Bikini Waxing Is Wiping Out Pubic Lice Say Doctors


bikini-bottoms-bigPubic lice, the crab-shaped insects that have dwelled in human groins since the beginning of history, are disappearing. Doctors say bikini waxing may be the reason.

Waning infestations of the bloodsuckers have been linked by doctors to pubic depilation, especially a technique popularized in the 1990s by a Manhattan salon run by seven Brazilian sisters. More than 80 percent of college students in the U.S. remove all or some of their pubic hair — part of a trend that’s increasing in western countries. In Australia, Sydney’s main sexual health clinic hasn’t seen a woman with pubic lice since 2008 and male cases have fallen 80 percent from about 100 a decade ago.

“It used to be extremely common; it’s now rarely seen,” said Basil Donovan, head of sexual health at the University of New South Wales’s Kirby Institute and a physician at the Sydney Sexual Health Centre. “Without doubt, it’s better grooming.” Click below for full story - 


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  1. Tabitha Rieth says:

    Im all for girls being clean shaven?

  2. Jess Luther says:

    Maybe a landing strip is a really bad idea now in case you do have lice and they only have one path and hole to follow?

  3. Jess Luther says:

    Lol better grooming!

  4. Julius Toohey says:

    No girls have no excuse for being bald downstairs

  5. Josephina Cruzan says:

    I wouldnt be surprised if all this research team was made up of males?

  6. Portia Orellana says:

    Only 80% of college students remove all or part of their pubic hair? That must mean the remaining 20% are not having sex!

  7. Bethanie Akana says:

    Gross, who actually keeps a hairy vag these days anyway?


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