Dentures stuck in woman’s throat for NINE-WEEKS

Dentures stuck in woman’s throat for NINE-WEEKS


A 75-year-old woman with dementia had her false teeth stuck in her throat for nine weeks after doctors failed to spot she had swallowed them.

Nermin Keating, who lives with her daughter and full-time carer Umit Maddock in Braintree, Essex, swallowed the 11-teeth dentures in November.

Ms Maddock, 46, said her mother was seen by doctors about four times before the teeth were found and removed. “Everybody thought it was impossible for someone to swallow them,” she said. Click below for full story - 




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  1. Rosalyn Arnwine says:

    Id sue the priks if this happened to my grandmother!

  2. Chantelle Rudolph says:

    Did they assume because she is old she must have lost her dentures?

    I cant believe the doctors missed this for so long

  3. Rodrick Cone says:

    LOL no wonder the whole world makes fun out of the english health service

  4. Tijuana Goldsborough says:

    Is she now using the swallowed set of dentures or is her dentist gonna make a set that actually fits?

  5. Miyoko Dillion says:


  6. Jacquelynn Kulick says:

    How did she manage to eat if her throat was obstructed by dentures?

  7. Mariel Snell says:

    I hope they are speaking to their lawyers about this!

  8. Gabriella Monsen says:

    Shocking how bad sick and elderly people are treated in england

  9. Harold Vida says:

    I honestly dont know why this always happens in england. It seems every day there is a another story about how doctors have missed something with old people or how the elderly have be abused in care homes


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