VIDEO: California officials seek restraining order against ‘Maternity Hotel’ where rich Chinese mothers give birth

VIDEO: California officials seek restraining order against ‘Maternity Hotel’ where rich Chinese mothers give birth


rich-chinese-mother-bigAn alleged “maternity hotel” in Chino Hills is one of a number throughout Southern California catering to well-off Chinese and Taiwanese women seeking to bear U.S.-citizen children.

The city has issued a cease-and-desist order and plans to go to court in the next few weeks to shut down the operation, City Attorney Mark Hensley said at a recent City Council meeting. Among the issues cited by the city: illegal additions to the structure, a sewage spill, and operating a business in a residential zone.

In the past few years, several San Gabriel Valley cities have closed birthing centers on similar grounds.

Last year, the city of San Gabriel closed a maternity home after complaints of numerous pregnant women entering and leaving the home, said Clayton Anderson, head of code enforcement for the city. Inspectors found a row of bassinets holding babies in the kitchen, he said. Click below for full story- 


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  1. Louie Duhon says:

    Get the hell out of america and stop using our country

  2. Nathalie Corson says:

    I would have thought chinese people would not be ashamed of their own country and would want their children to be born there

  3. Patience Roses says:

    Playing the system!

    Get out now!

  4. Sina Mean says:

    Given Chinas growing wealth and power I would have thought chinese couples would want their children to have chinese passports

  5. Pamela Rodrigue says:

    This doesn’t surprise me that people want to be born in America and have a US passwork. We have the best healthcare and education system in the world so of course people will want access to it

  6. Werner Gerow says:

    Surely the US government will want to close this legal loop hole that allows people to abuse their country

  7. Kyle Weatherspoon says:

    America is a nation that was founded by immigration so this is no different!

  8. Wilma Harrill says:

    Disgraceful! Some people have no shame!

  9. Alvera Cruzado says:

    Will they be entitled to vote even if they dont live in the country? What about social security? Will my tax dollar be paying for them?

  10. Doloris Danziger says:

    Answer to all questions is YES YES YES YES


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