PHOTOS: First new Corvette for 9-years hits the road

PHOTOS: First new Corvette for 9-years hits the road


When General Motors engineers and designers started work on the next-generation Corvette, they drew up the usual requirements for the star of American muscle cars.

Killer looks. Big engine. Handles like a race car.

But topping the list back was something at odds with the roar of the car’s big V-8: Gas mileage. The new Corvette could not be a gas guzzler. Stricter government rules were forcing a leap in fuel economy. If the car burned too much gas, it would trigger fines from regulators and never get built. Click below for full story - 



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  1. Dayna Ewin says:

    American muscle baby!

  2. Fredrick Amador says:

    One day im gonna buy on of these

  3. Alexandra Moffitt says:

    Its nice but not worth a 9 year wait

  4. Chad Arant says:

    9 years and this is all they could come up with?

  5. Kati Varona says:

    Huge disappointment

  6. Delora Summerlin says:

    Looks like a mercedes slr from the side and lamborgini from the back


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