VIDEO: Chinese woman pole dances on subway while passengers look on

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VIDEO: Chinese woman pole dances on subway while passengers look on


The above video of an unnamed young woman pole dancing in a Wuhan subway carriage recently hit the Internet, and as you can imagine, it’s well on its way toward viraldom. A Chinese journalist did some digging and discovered that three weeks ago on Sina Weibo, some netizens were calling for exactly this type of activity, with one commenter posting, “Later, it won’t be uncommon to see dancing on the subway.”

Alas, Wuhan’s metro authority issued an announcement on Saturday that it did not approve, nor did it formally invite this pole dancer to strut her stuff. A spokesperson said they don’t promote this kind of thing because it disrupts the subway’s “normal” order and staffers’ work routine. Click below for full story - 

beijing-cream-logo IMAGE: YouTube

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  1. Magdalena Lout says:

    She cant even dance

  2. Yolando Kegler says:

    If this is how women dance at strip clubs i wouldnt mind my husband going

  3. Jackqueline Kittinger says:

    Such an attention seeker

  4. Jackqueline Kittinger says:

    She cant dance - get a life

  5. Aubrey Devin says:

    Was she auditioning for a club or a part in a movie (porn)

  6. Keena Simoes says:

    Such a tragic degrading thing to do

  7. Obdulia Meszaros says:

    After that response im sure she wont be doing the same thing again

  8. Torie Brocato says:

    If i had my children with me and saw her doing that I would have kicked her off the subway

  9. Vivan Pauly says:

    Did she actually think that is an appropriate thing to do on a subway


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