Victoria’s Secret angel Constance Jablonski faces $3.3 million suit for switching agencies

Victoria’s Secret angel Constance Jablonski faces $3.3 million suit for switching agencies


A Victoria’s Secret lingerie lovely faces a $3.3 million lawsuit for her possibly less-than-model behavior.

Constance Jablonski, whose résumé includes gigs for Calvin Klein, Dior and Estée Lauder, purportedly bailed on a three-year deal with her management company to join a rival firm.

Marilyn Model Management, in its Manhattan lawsuit, charged Jablonski bolted last month despite a three-year ascent from “a virtually unknown model” into a top international star under the firm’s tutelage. Click below for full story  - 


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  1. Juli Martino says:

    Pretty face stuck on a stick insects body

  2. Wilford Kostka says:

    I thought french chicks don’t shave their pits?

  3. Jettie Thierry says:

    She not that pretty, only about a 6/10

  4. Angelia Linson says:

    Look how different she looks in all her pictures - too much makeup or too much photoshop?

  5. Loraine Debord says:

    Miranda Kerr is the ultimate angel, this girl is a nobody

  6. Augustine Daniels says:

    HAHA french chicks don’t shave their pits? I’ve not heard that one before

  7. Jeanelle Mani says:

    French girls of course do shave their arm pits. Its just stupid americans that have nothing better to do then make us stupid comments

  8. Thu Alphin says:


  9. Joannie Hemstreet says:

    Her face does look very photoshopped inher estee lauder picture

  10. Sharice Siddiqi says:

    Most models are ugly. They just have skinny bodies with a face that is made to look nice via photoshop and 5hours of makeup

  11. Junior Inouye says:

    Id band her brains out and take her for french frogs afterwards

  12. Raymundo Oropeza says:

    There are a lot more hotter models and angels then her, but to be honest who would turn her down?

  13. Barton Cordes says:

    Her tits are too small - why model for victoria secrets if you cant even fill out a bra?

  14. Ena Vanvliet says:

    Her eyes are amazing

  15. Moises Bossert says:

    When a girls dressed in sexy underwear the last thing i care about is her eyes!

  16. Eliana Oliveira says:

    She must be so ashamed of that picture now


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