VIDEO: Dopey burglar forgets mask, improvises by putting a bucket on his head

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VIDEO: Dopey burglar forgets mask, improvises by putting a bucket on his head


A good disguise is essential when planning any crime as one burglar found out at a price when he was forced to improvise by hiding under a bucket.

Looking for some quick cash, Richard Boudreaux went on a burglary spree near his home in Slidell, Louisiana.

There was a telling flaw in the 23-year-old’s plan however, after he left the house without a mask to cover his face before breaking into the premises of a seafood restaurant where he used to work. After remembering there was CCTV cameras in place, Mr Boudreaux did his best to conceal his identity, donning a five-gallon bucket over his head. Click below for full story - 

 IMAGE: Slidell Police Department

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  1. Darby Canaday says:

    Dumb ass

  2. Lenard Balboa says:

    Is he surprised that he got caught being that dumb?

  3. Renda Macey says:

    Maybe he wanted to go to jail? Why else would you be that thick?

  4. Shonda Huerta says:

    Surely this has to be a joke, no one could be that retarded right?

  5. Anabel Polich says:

    You’ve only gotta look at his mug shot to realise that he’s a dumb ass

  6. Carolyne Lovern says:

    Should be making his way onto America’s dumbest criminals some day soon

  7. Deedee Montemurro says:

    Damn he went through all that effort to hold up a store with his head in a bucket and only came out with a couple hundred bucks.

    Was it really worth it?

  8. Rolando Xavier says:

    Maybe he thought the bucket would stop him from getting shot in the head if the cops came to bust him

  9. Hortencia Cecil says:

    Ah man. The cops should have taken a mug shot with him with the bucket over his head to show much much of a prik he is!

  10. Micha Concha says:

    Reminds me of a TV show in England called Mr Bean - a robber was caught with a trash can over his head


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