VIDEO: Elizabeth Hurley tells reporter to ‘f**k off’ at airport with Shane Warne

VIDEO: Elizabeth Hurley tells reporter to ‘f**k off’ at airport with Shane Warne


Liz Hurley has been accused of pushing and swearing a popular television sports reporter at Perth Airport on Thursday morning.

Media at the airport were interviewing Shane Warne in the wake of his Melbourne Star’s thrilling loss to Perth Scorchers in the Big Bash League on Wednesday night when Channel 10′s Caty Price was shoved and told to “f*** off” by the movie star.

Price told 6PR Radio on Thursday morning that Ms Hurley “walked into the back of me” and said it was “rude to stand in front of people”. Click below for full story - 

news-com-au-Logo IMAGE: YouTube/9NewsAustralia

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  1. Micha Concha says:

    Whats wrong with telling a report to fuck off?

    The press are all hounding maggots anyway.

  2. Bollen Thayer says:

    What does a blonde reporter like that know about cricket anyway?

  3. Lindy Hilton says:

    How is that threatening?

    Liz was simply tell the report to fuck off!

  4. Rea Sautter says:

    Funny how celebrities want to be able to pick and choose when they talk to reporters.

    Always on their terms!

  5. Marc Tuohy says:

    Still cant get my head around how someone like Shayne could get a girl like liz hurley

  6. Nella Gorham says:

    Liz putting her head into someone elses face is rude and threatening.

    If someone done that to you, im sure you would feel threatened.

  7. Theodora Lines says:

    As rich as they both are I would have thought they would have a private jet

  8. Lanny Marks says:

    Warney is like the most famous cricketer in Australia.

    Didn’t his people negogiate a private jet for him?

  9. Gregorio Hagel says:

    He’s one hell of a lucky guy….gets made millions of dollars to play cricket and then fucks liz hurley afterwards!

  10. Ester Mroz says:

    Oooooooh, someone needs to take some anger manangement classes

  11. Drucilla Lawlor says:

    When you walk around the airport in your teams shirt of course people and reporters are going to ask you questions

  12. Sara Winborne says:

    Celebs always think they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

    The reporter should press charges for feeling threatened


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